• Kepuce Mbrojtese nga Motorsharra Forestier

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    In vulcanised rubber with shin and metatarsal reinforcement for frontal and side chainsaw protection. It features a 200 joule steel toecap, rubber sole resistant to light acids and alkaline substances, natural canvas cotton inner lining and calf adjustment system. This footwear belongs to Special Protection Series, which guarantees high level of performance and quality; also due to the completeness of its range it ensures proper protection for any kind of danger, even the most

    extreme. The product is designed and manufactured to comply with the essential health and safety requirements of Directive

    89/686 /EEC, and to conform to the requirements of European standards EN ISO 20345 .It is classified as PPE Cat. III.

    Available colours


    Compliance to European Standards

    EN 20345 Safety Class:SB E FO SRA

    EN 17249 CE Class:3

    Recommended for

    Fire fighting teams, Firefighter, Forestry, Gardening and Maintenance of Green Spaces, Installers and Electricians.

    Important Information

    The footwear should be stored in a cool dry place, far from heat sources and direct light. Make sure footwear is in good condition, before use. If the shoes are damaged, replace them.

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    Kepuce Mbrojtese nga Motorsharra Forestier

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