• M112 Cizme Shiu Foca Caramel medium O4

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  • With our Foca Caramel have succeeded in unifying the best materials with the best design, getting a great product chemical resistant characteristics. Its sole is serrated significantly improving grip on slippery surfaces being extremely ergonomic and comfortable. Both the sole and instep, reed, protection of the ankles and leg, are designed in a way that is comfortable and práctica.Al be made completely whole Candy Foca with the same compound (one nitrile rubber-modified PVC) not only get the expected results and the characteristics described subsequently in the sole, if not the entire boot.

    Complies with major European countries (Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Britain and Portugal). That is why it is considered in its range as a reference product in sector.

    The Foca Caramel solely manufactured in caramel. Made of PVC and nitrile rubber has outstanding resistance to acids agents as well as petroleum chemicals. Because it is used in workshops, boats (both engine room and on deck), shipyards, farms, soap factories, mills, oil presses, etc.. Additionally, it has a great resistance to bleach, detergents, disinfectants, ammonia and other hydrocarbons, this fact makes them particularly suitable for doing cleaning and disinfection. With a hygienic minimum in your Foca Caramel, you get repel dirt and interfere with adhesion of unwanted products increasing the durability of your boots.

    Additionally they are very appreciated by bikers for its flexibility and comfort.

    What are you waiting for enjoy your Foca?, You will not regret!

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    M112 Cizme Shiu Foca Caramel medium O4

    • Marka: MAVINSA
    • Kodi i produktit: M112

    Etiketimet: Kepuce-Cizme-Sigurie-Kepuce-Cizme-Pune

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