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  • The Foca Segur Oliva, is equipped with a toe that protects the foot against falls of objects up to 25 Kg and steel insole in accordance with European standard EN 20345 S5 gives us the reliability and safety sought.

    This product is suitable for comfortable long hours of work that require a shoe that allows us to work and keep the feet in good condition.

    Made of special PVC are light, flexible and durability. The sole is designed to prevent slipping, has grooves that improve grip. The Foca Segur Oliva rear flange has boot removed, protector and ankles ribbed for better grip system pants. Sole with high resistance to the concrete additives. The interior is equipped with a textile lining acrílico.Está available in sizes from 36 to 48 and are adjustable in height (including crop marks to 32.5 cm and 28 cm) and has safety features!

    Especially suitable for general industry, construction and public works, greenhouses, mines and any activity that is necessary to protect the foot.

    I need these boots. I'll call you and I'll buy the boots!

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    M217 Cizme Klasike Mbrojtese Foca Segur Oliva S5

    • Marka: MAVINSA
    • Kodi i produktit: M217

    Etiketimet: Kepuce-Cizme-Sigurie-Kepuce-Cizme-Pune

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